About Little Lantern Clinic

Our practice specializes in the delivery of personalized, comprehensive, and up-to-date primary care and specialty care to the whole family. In our practice, we emphasize the provision of care that integrates clinical experience and knowledge of current medical evidence. We work closely with our patients on both the prevention and optimal management of illness to improve and extend the quality of their lives.

This is a one-stop place for your primary care, emergency, and elective surgery, preventive care, screening colonoscopy, vaccines, school physicals, Lab works etc.



Providing you with the best  for the best care

Dr. Biju Lukose MD FACS

Dr.Lukose has 22 years of experience as a Primary Care Physician and Board Certified Surgeon.




Sigimol Joseph  FNP

Ms.Joseph specializes in Family Practice and sees our patients in, home, and Clinic. 




Dr. John Paek DO





Sindhu Basil  ACNP

Ms.Basil specializes in Adult Acute Care and sees our patients in Hospitals, home, and Clinic.  She also assists in OR.



Dr. Divya Thomas





4541 N Josey Ln, Ste 110

Carrollton TX, 75010.

Call :

(469) 788-8588

Fax :

(469) 788-7800


08:00 am - 05:00 pm